Multidisciplinary artist, Samira Nowparast was born in Tehran, Iran in 1979. She received her BFA from Azad University of Art and Architecture and her MFA from Al-Zahra University in Tehran. She pursued her studies in animation in Rome, Italy short after.

Nowparast’s art work is a culmination of her studies in painting, animation and installation.

Horses as always appear as Icons in her works. She is fascinated by horses as she is professional rider. Horses in her works, show up as characters invading human spaces and lives. Portraying an imaginary co-existence between humans and horses.

She has exhibited her works, extensively in her home town and internationally, such as the 3rd international Biennial of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting in Tehran, Bice Bugatti Art Prize in Milan and LA art Show in Los Angeles.

In 2017 she was accepted to be the artist in residence at Building Bridges Art Exchange /BBAX in Los Angeles in Collaboration with the Mexican artist, Marco Miranda, in Mexico.

Nowparast’s work addresses her long-term conceptual dialogue by Repetition, questioning the struggle in unstable situations.

The mechanical interactive works in her Solo Show “The single Player Game” at Etemad Gallery in 2016, is an example of this kind.

Nowparast’s works are included in Numerous private collections.

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